I have been working on a small demo mobile game using Unity3d. Testing is being done on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (since that is what I have), though it should also work on iOS with no problems. The whole point of the project is to play around with what can be done on mobile, and to see how easily something can be created with Unity. The entire project, including all of the code, can be found on my github account. As with the RTS tutorial, this code is all open-source, so feel free to play around with it. I will be updating things there periodically, so feel free to follow my progress. Once things are in a more final state I will update this page with more specific details (including an installer for Android).

For those of you who are concerned that this will take the place of the RTS tutorial, don't worry. I still plan to complete that. However, I was finding that I was needing a small project I could play around with for a bit. The tutorial is a much larger project, and as such it requires a lot more dedicated time and effort in order to get anything productive done.